Aayush Arya, Founder & Principal Designer, 6Hues

Aayush Arya

Founder & Principal Designer

After completing a diploma course in interior design from INIFD, Kolkata, Aayush established 6Hues Interior Design Studio in 2012. As the studio grew and evolved, it underwent a remarkable transformation, emerging as 6Hues Architecture Studio on its momentous tenth anniversary in 2022.

A true advocate of efficiency, minimalism, and practicality, Aayush believes in the power of doing more with less, both in design and in life. His keen understanding of the interplay between light and space fuels his meticulous attention to detail and thoughtful approach to spatial dynamics.

Aayush’s passion extends beyond aesthetics, encompassing a strong commitment to sustainability and innovative solutions. By embracing sustainable practices, he strives to create designs that inspire and contribute to a better future for generations to come.

Discover the transformative design philosophy of Aayush Arya as he continues to shape extraordinary spaces at 6Hues Architecture Studio. Witness the convergence of efficiency, minimalism, and a visionary commitment to a brighter future in every project the firm undertakes.


Our talented interior design team transforms spaces into breathtaking works of art, reflecting your unique style and personality.

Sonam Pariwal

Team Leader

Archana Modi

Senior Interior Designer

Pallavi Chanani

Interior Designer

Diksha Lakhotia

Junior Interior Designer

Megha Agarwal

Junior Interior Designer

Keshav Agarwal

Junior Interior Designer

Akash Das

Projects Engineer


Drawing on years of specialised expertise in hotel and restaurant design, our dedicated hospitality team crafts spaces that captivate the senses, taking guest experiences to unprecedented heights.

Prachi Agarwal

Interior Designer

Riya Tibrewal

Junior Interior Designer

Suneel Shrestha

Junior Architect


With a youthful spirit and a passion for breaking the mould, our visionary architects fearlessly redefine boundaries, crafting bold and iconic structures that seamlessly fuse with their surroundings.

Rishab Khan

Team Leader

Priyanshi Jaiswal

Junior Interior Designer

Sudip Banerjee

Junior Architect

Tamisra Saha

Junior Architect


Our dedicated administration team ensures impeccable project management and meticulous attention to detail, delivering excellence at every turn.

Divya Rai

Admin & HR

Manish Sharma

Projects Coordinator

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