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  • Nirmal Bajaj

    Nirmal Bajaj This space is a beautiful amalgamation of rustic, ultra-luxurious, and comforting elements placed together to bring a sense of rejuvenation and relaxation. The marble top table is without a doubt the focal point of this exquisite section that reflects grandeur. Modern asethetic when combined with unabashed creativity and boldness constitutes a warm quarter.…
  • Sanjay Singhania

    Sanjay Singhania The Moroccan Tile Flooring perfectly matches the gray sofa couch fulfilling the true purpose and need for this balcony space. The choice of colors and different elements makes it a perfect place to relax and unwind. The small green pasture on the wall adds vibrance to this monotone space. The artistic partition curated…
  • Everest

  • Navin Agarwal

    Navin Agarwal The very minimal but artistic elements add finesse to this outdoor space. This makes for a perfect place for evening leisure time and even for the morning tea. The 3D board on the table adds an oomph of modernity to the very simple setup taking it a notch higher. The blue on the…
  • Kanhaiya Goel

    Kanhaiya Goel Crafting this extravagant living space was incredible. We wanted to keep it chic but uncluttered and clean. The brief was to keep it minimalistic but aesthetic and modern. This is an exuberant composition of a soothing palette, beautiful textures, and classic elements. It is stylish and caters to all the utility requirements of…
  • Pratap Mansion

    Pratap Mansion
  • Amit Poddar

    Amit Poddar Composed of an artistic sofa, sofa chair, and modern coffee table, the living space has been designed to give a welcoming vibe. The iron frame behind the seating area adds a vintage tint to this rather modern and stylish setup. The wooden elements give this space a zen touch!   The design of…
  • Binod Agarwal

    Binod Agarwal An enthusiastic young guy, Nilesh wanted his bedroom space to reflect his friendly personality, and to provide a cozy space to relax and unwind. The relatively large sub-master bedroom and attached bathroom were designed keeping this directive in mind, and the lighting design was an important aspect of achieving the overall look. The…
  • Pradeep Bansal

    Pradeep Bansal The main highlight of this kitchen is the Italian finish marble. This space features modern design, functionality, and high-quality material that comes together to make the ultimate draft of the space clean and orderly.  This on the right is the Mandir of the house which is a place for worship and should impart…
  • Rajendra Gupta

    Rajendra Gupta
  • Jaganraj Vatika

    Jaganraj Vatika
  • Architecture Header

    Mahavir Villa

    Mahavir Villa
  • Sanjay Dhanothia

    Sanjay Dhanothia
  • Vikash Agarwal

    Vikash Agarwal
  • Manish Jindal

    Manish Jindal
  • Ramesh Singhal

    Ramesh Singhal
  • Binod Agarwal

    Binod Agarwal In designing the home theatre and lounge spaces in this lavishly styled bungalow, the focus of our efforts was on uniting two opposing themes: cosiness and grandeur. The high ceiling, large windows, and square skylight in the lounge bring in ample daylight during the day—and is a wonderful contrast to the dark stained…
  • Living Room

    Prabin Modi

    Prabin Modi The master bedroom follows quintessentially Scandinavian design principles, and is finished with Earthy colours and a natural materials palette. The white painted panel doors exude old world charm, and fit right in with the muted green wall behind the bed and the herringbone pattern white oak flooring. The design of the living room…