Vikash Agarwal

Vikash originally approached us to help him figure out some pressing space planning challenges with his newly acquired apartment, and we were only too happy to assist him forthwith.

Having taken some inputs from the client—and after having studied the architectural challenges of the particular space we were dealing with—we were able to come up with a plan that would transform an oddly constructed three-bedroom flat that had a small kitchen, two bathrooms and no space for a closet or laundry, into a much more spacious three-bedroom flat with three bathrooms, a much larger kitchen, walk-in closet and a dedicated laundry room to boot.

We thought that was the end of the project, but Vikash later asked us to help him see the project through to its conclusion, and we set about designing each and every aspect of the space. His demand for a relatively dark, black-themed design lends a uniqueness to the concept. The results are presented on this page.


  • Siliguri


  • Under Construction