Shyam Agarwal, Chartered Accountant

When Mr. Shyam Agarwal came to our offices to get his office redesigned, uncertain as he was, he had a lot of questions about the whole process and how it would be worked out. In answering them, we found ourselves gaining a deep understanding of what he wanted this renovation to do for his company and staff.

We set about to design for Mr. Shyam an office that was a natural extension of his profession and spoke boldly to the visitor about its own purpose, its very reason for being.

Despite the small size of the space, we did away with the conventional approach of having every chair face the wall and fashioned for senior staff members an east-facing position that allows them to look in the direction of the window and the office at large, fostering better communication among them.

We also sealed the office using sound insulation materials and hardware on both sides, reducing the cacophony of noise from a banquet hall on one side and a busy street on the other, to a relaxed noiseless hum that enables productivity and peace.


  • Siliguri


  • April, 2019