Sanjay Singhania


  • Sanjay Singhania


  • Apartment


  • Punjabi Para, Siliguri


  • 1,930 ft²


  • October 2021


  • Under Construction

Sanjay Singhania

The Moroccan Tile Flooring perfectly matches the gray sofa couch fulfilling the true purpose and need for this balcony space. The choice of colors and different elements makes it a perfect place to relax and unwind. The small green pasture on the wall adds vibrance to this monotone space.

The artistic partition curated with fluted glass and veneer is the star of the space. The use of glass makes the space look bigger and luxe. This also fits in like a puzzle with the neutral-toned furniture. 

The modern neutral color bed features a layered silhouette that makes it look chic but cozy! The striking Italian finish louwers behind the bed further adds to the style of the space. To finish off this bedroom, we have also added accent lamps that supplements the natural light.