We revel in helping our clients create functional and modern, yet breathtakingly beautiful spaces that inspire creativity and enable them to thrive. We have identified the concerns clients have about working with design professionals, and over time, evolved a set of principles that have allowed us to address every single one of them.

Residential Bedroom Interior Design in Siliguri

Complete Transparency

Transparency guides all the work we do. From our upfront, non-commissioned fee structure to the design advice we give, our promise is to always be transparent. And to help us design your ideal space, we ask that you be transparent with us in what you hope to achieve with it.

Industry-Leading Technology

We utilise the best-in-industry technology and practices to design your space. Our powerhouse creative team helps you visualise the design through stunningly beautiful and accurate 3D representations before we even begin work. Having a clear design vision upfront is important to save time, money and headaches later. By giving you a full 360-degree virtual reality view of your space beforehand, we ensure that we meet your needs, every time.

Residential Kitchen Interior Design in Siliguri
Corporate Office Interior Design in Siliguri

Client Focused

A successful project is one that effectively captures our client’s personality and meets their needs, not ours. That’s why our expertise is listening. We listen closely to what your needs are and what your design vision is, and we then curate a space—infused with our design philosophy—that exceeds those expectations.

Minimalist, Modern Aesthetic

We have a passion for creating functional, innovative and original spaces, distinguished by their spartan, understated charm. Punctuated by geometric shapes and clean lines, our designs are a study in retreating from excess and reveling in simplicity.

Residential Crockery Unit Interior Design in Siliguri
Residential Bedroom Closet Interior Design in Siliguri

Design Informed by Science

Along with our design services comes architectural know-how. Design is a science, and it’s one that we’ve mastered. All of our designers are educated on space optimisation within the architectural limitations of each project. Design and space MUST complement one another, and our recognition of this necessity sets us apart in the industry.

Tradition of Vastu Shashtra

Our designers are thoroughly versed in the practice of Vastu Shashtra, to meet the needs of clients looking for optimised living and working spaces.

Corporate Office Interior Design in Siliguri